Self-service Kiosks Offer a Convenient Twist to the Office Lunchroom

Time is a premium for most of us these days. We try to find ways to do things in the fastest, easiest and most convenient ways possible. It’s one of the reasons that self-service kiosks have become so popular, because they make this possible – offering an alternative that provides quick service.


Often, we struggle with the demand to have things done in the shortest possible time frame, not just in our private lives, but even more so on-the-job, with increasing volumes of work and tight deadlines. How many of us have found ourselves forgetting to have lunch? Or opting out of eating just at the thought of interrupting our train of thought, getting into the car and then enduring the long line whether it is at a drive-thru or take away establishment? The end result is usually feeling frazzled when we get back to the office and wolfing down our unhealthy purchase because we’ve now spent almost an hour (our entire lunch break) just trying to get it.



One of Avanti Markets micro market layouts

One of Avanti Markets micro market layouts

It’s one of the reason micro markets have become so popular and an established feature of the modern office workspace. They can be described as mini-convenient stores that are stocked with healthy options such as salads, sandwiches, juices, soda and water as well as snacks like granola bars, chips, etc. They come in a variety of layouts that provide coolers and open shelves equipped with surveillance cameras for those tempted to disregard the ‘honor system’. Most importantly however, they are equipped with self-checkout, unmanned kiosk systems that allow users to use their cash, credit or debit cards or in some cases, their phones to pay for the items they have selected from the market.



They offer a convenient ‘twist’ to the office lunch room, providing employees with a healthy lunch option without the hassle of leaving the office. It is a great alternative that promotes a healthier and more productive workplace. Over the years, Slabb has worked with many micro market solution providers including Avanti Markets, a dominant player in the micro-markets industry. We provide customized kiosk hardware and software solutions for Avanti Market’s clients utilizing our X6 kiosk model, providing users with a convenient, easy-to-use system to purchase their healthy lunch alternative quickly and without the added inconvenience of a long line.

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