Our Year of Kiosks 2014


Photo courtesy: calendariu.com

Photo courtesy: calendariu.com

It’s always good to reflect. Certain milestones make us more likely to do so, especially when a year has ended. We tend to look at what has happened, the good and the bad, hoping to replicate the good and learn from our mistakes, making a note of what we could have done differently.


I thought it would be good for us to do the same, as we had a few really good moments over the past year at Slabb. We did this as well last year, so I think we should make it a tradition. Don’t you? So here’s our Year of Kiosks 2014!




Avanti Markets
Over the years we have developed a great relationship with one of the micro-market industry leaders, Avanti Markets. Slabb has deployed over 2,500 kiosks for Avanti Markets so far, and as the industry continues to grow at a remarkable rate, we have committed to continue to provide superior kiosks to Avanti Markets to ensure the success of their operators.




An Avanti Markets micro market

An Avanti Markets micro market

We will continue to provide kiosks that not only look good and can offer high availability to the users, but that are also user-friendly and durable – features that are very important in a high usage environment such as a micro-market.



It’s a philosophy that has ensured a continued partnership between the two companies and is reflected in the satisfaction of Avanti Markets’ clients who particularly like the look of our kiosks, their ease of use and the low maintenance required.




Avanti Markets Operator Meeting
Avanti Markets also held their Operator meeting in December and we were pleased to be a Gold sponsor at the event. The meeting took place in Phoenix, AZ on December 3rd and 4th.




Avanti Markets Operator Meeting

Avanti Markets Operator Meeting

The company achieved a record attendance at the event with over 190 operators participating over the two-day conference, exceeding attendance of past years. Read more about the meeting here.










Our Executive Countertop Kiosk is Featured by Avanti Markets
It seems that it was the year of Avanti Markets, as the company also announced that it would be featuring one of our three new kiosk models – the Executive Countertop Kiosk. The Slabb X2S is a great, cost effective alternative for locations with floor space limitations. It is one of the main reasons Avanti Markets chose to offer it as an alternative or addition to the traditional freestanding kiosk for which they are known.




Slabb X2S - Executive Countertop Kiosk

Slabb X2S – Executive Countertop Kiosk

The kiosk is being marketed to locations with 75 or more employees, adding a potentially larger install base and giving operators the opportunity to serve clients that may once have been considered ‘too small’. The traditional micro-market site usually caters to companies with 150 employees or more. Operators have the option of using the kiosk as a second payment station at a high volume location or as a standalone with some additional features at smaller locations. It was not surprising then, that within a week of launch, there were over 100 orders for this model.










The Launch of Three Kiosk Models
The X2S, as mentioned above was one of three kiosk models that were launched for the year.




Slabb's New Kiosk Models: X2S; X4T; X6A

Slabb’s New Kiosk Models: X2S; X4T; X6A

The other two models were the X6A and he X4T. The X6A though sleek, rugged and vandal-resistance, as is the norm with all Slabb kiosks, is unlike any of Slabb’s other models. Ideal for self-check in, its design is versatile and can easily fit at any location due to its compact size. The kiosk comes with a 19” LCD display with touchscreen, credit card reader, barcode scanner, laser printer (b4600) and thermal receipt printer. The design also ensures wheelchair accessibility.


The X4T is a mounted version of one of Slabb’s more popular wall mount interactive digital signage models. Like the Q5, the X4T is rugged, robust and vandal-proof and available in any color with standard HD resolution and no external wiring. It comes with a 42” horizontal LCD screen display with or without a touch screen.






We hope to introduce a few more models this year. We are definitely looking forward to the year ahead and want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to provide you with the best the kiosk industry has to offer in the year ahead.