Kiosks and Parole

Mike Masone - Sales Director at SlabbKiosks

Mike Masone – Sales Director at SlabbKiosks

This was originally posted on LinkedIn by our Sales Director, Mike Masone.

Here is a great read from New Republic – The Worrying Rise of Automated Parole

I spoke at length with the Michael Thomsen about kiosks in general and specifically kiosks in the post-release environment.

Regardless of whichever side of the issue you fall don’t miss these takeaways:

  1. Don’t be afraid to go it alone – Self or state managed kiosks cost about 1/4 as much as vendor managed kiosks. That number is a bit of an oversimplification as there are lots of moving pieces however cost savings are substantial and our kiosks for the Arkansas were significantly less than $7000 as were all of the submitted bids from other vendors.
Arkansas Department of Corrections kiosks

Arkansas Department of Corrections kiosks

2. Get the right people involved – Arkansas also had the advantage of a great relationship with their existing Offender Management Systems provider Marquis Software. Marquis was critical during the bid process and continues to be during the implementation process. Not every state will have this advantage. We pride ourselves on helping organizations leverage existing assets and relationships not fight against them.

3. No job is too important for a kiosk – Cupcake kiosks are cute, and check-in kiosks are handy but neither is critical to people’s freedom or way of life. Of course there have been bumps in the road and there are more obstacles to overcome with offender management kiosks. However, the fact remains that whatever the task is, a well designed and executed kiosk implementation will provide services in a quantity and quality not possible with any other method. I’m proud to be part of the solution.

Give it a read and sound off in the comments, I’m interested to hear where we fall on this issue collectively.