How to use a self-service kiosk for email capture

This guest blog was written by Shereen Dindar. She is the Content Manager for QuickTapSurvey, a survey tool that helps businesses get the actionable data they need to become more profitable. Read her insights on the QuickTapSurvey blog where she muses about the latest business news.


The main advantage of using a self-service kiosk at your business is that it can perform functions which staff normally would. One of those key functions includes the systematic collection and organization of email addresses from customers and leads.

Yet business owners know all too well the challenge associated with getting people to provide their email address without anything in return. That’s why we’d like to point out several ways you can entice people to leave their email address using a self-service kiosk.

1. Run a contest

If your business has a high volume of foot traffic, consider asking customers to participate in a monthly draw for a chance to win a coveted prize. You’ll need to use a kiosk app that allows you to display a beautiful image of the prize and also captures email addresses. Be sure to write inviting text that encourages customers to participate in the contest: “Enter your email address to win a free iPad!” Don’t forget that the prize should align with your branding and product offering.

2. A fun trivia quiz

test your knowledgeTrade shows are opportunities to promote your business and get in front of the right leads to collect their email address. But if you are like many business owners, you don’t want to use cumbersome business cards to keep track of all the people you meet. A fun trivia quiz displayed on a kiosk is a great way to capture their imagination and also collect their email address. At the end of the quiz, ask them to leave their email address in order to be sent the quiz results.

3. Scratch-to-win prize

scratch the box to reveal your prizeWho doesn’t love a free gift? If you have small branded items like pens or a USB stick that you can afford to give away, do so using a scratch-to-win kiosk display. Customers simply swipe their finger across the screen a few times to reveal their prize and then they are prompted to leave their email address in order to collect it.


The truth is that you are only limited by your creativity when it comes to collecting customer and lead email addresses using a self-service kiosk. We encourage you to think of other ways and share them in the comments below!