Childcare Solutions using Self-service Options

In our blog about educational kiosks (Interactive Kiosks are Making an Impact in Schools), we mentioned some schools that are using self-service kiosks to make school processes more accessible to parents, while enhancing school security by using the units as check-in and check-out systems to keep track of students as well as visitors.


Unfortunately, in the world we live in, it has become necessary to ensure our children’s safety by safeguarding them from becoming lost or abducted. We’ve all seen the news coverage where some schools have lost track of a child’s whereabouts, sometimes leaving them in school trip vehicles or allowing them to be taken by unauthorized individuals, whether a stranger or estranged relative. We can also hope that the use of a kiosk system, along with other security measures such as surveillance cameras, effective lock systems or panels and doors made from impenetrable material, can act as a deterrent to individuals that may cause harm to our children or school property.


It has made the use of kiosk check-in systems in childcare management more commonplace. These systems, supported by security cameras that provide a live feed for parents, assist by alleviating some security concerns for parents, while allowing caregivers to manage their students more effectively. Some of the additional benefits of having these systems in place include:

• Less paperwork, thereby lessening administrative duties and costs. It gives caregivers more time to focus on the job at hand – the children in their care.
• More effective emergency management providing schools with an accurate headcount, if needed
• The kiosks can be used to provide parents with additional school-related information that they can access when signing their children in and out of the system.
• Parents can print school material from the kiosks including schedules, forms or grade sheets.


An interesting development regarding the use of kiosks in childcare management is the introduction of Comply Ally by Childcare Compliance in Los Angeles, California. Comply Ally is a kiosk system that allows childcare providers to access compliance tools and business management software, including guidelines for childcare, labor, and family law. Users can download forms and reports and will have access to reliable updates on important childcare regulations and industry standards. It greatly assists the childcare centers with limited internet access while reducing the administrative costs of agencies where the information is normally physically accessed.




Slabb X6 kiosk customized for childcare check-in/out

Slabb X6 kiosk customized for childcare check-in/out

In the past, Slabb has partnered with software companies providing web based, on-demand software solutions, some specifically for churches that use the software in our customized X6 kiosks as a check in system for the church’s daycare. The kiosk on the left is an example of one.

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