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Slabb and PublicComputing’s own contribution to the selfservice and information kiosk industry.

Learn about Slabb, Inc. – Kiosk Manufacturer & Distributor

Even though we started off in the kiosk business in 2002, I thought I would take this opportunity to reintroduce our company. We have recently gain new followers on our various social media platforms, as well as great interest from those interested in a kiosk solution for their business, for them and to our loyal customers who may not know our full history…Here’s a snippet of what we offer.


Since starting off as an internet-based kiosk retailer in 2002, we have continuously strived to offer the most effective hardware manufacturing and kiosk installation service on the market. We can now proudly say that after a decade, we are currently represented in six continents by over 50 resellers. We’ve worked with many clients in various industries including the government sectors, national universities and colleges, famous casinos, leading financial institutions and healthcare providers with a successful track record that guarantees the satisfaction of our corporate customers as well as the end users of our products.


We sell a series of series of kiosks that includes interactive digital signage options along with installation, maintenance and service. Our products are innovative, affordable models including our Freestanding X-Series, Outdoor O-Series, Wallmount X-Series, Desktop X-Series and our range of interactive digital signage options. Here’s a quick glance of some of our more popular models:


Some of our X series models

Slabb's X5 indoor kiosk model

Slabb’s X5 indoor kiosk model

The X5 – An informational kiosk that is a smart blend of stainless steel, simplicity, elegance and functionality with a rugged design suitable for high traffic areas.












Slabb X6 Kiosk

Slabb X6 Kiosk

The X6 – A transactional kiosk with an ultra-modern design that despite its high-end kiosk technology is extremely affordable.















Slabb's X3  Wall-Mountable kiosk model

Slabb’s X3 Wall-Mountable kiosk model

The X3 – Is our solution when floor space it at a premium. It is a wall-mount model that can be used in any environment while hosting a multitude of applications.














This is just a sample of what we offer. I am sure you  would have noticed the interesting colours. We not only customize your kiosk using specific hardware and software but we also brand them to your liking…Just choose your color and add your logo! We do the rest.

To see our full product line, peruse our website, where you can find all the information you need.


Our team is composed entirely of specialized professionals that are uniquely qualified in providing kiosk installation as well as related services. They are able to assist companies with consultation, kiosk installation and maintenance, OEM manufacturing, custom kiosk design and hardware leasing programs. We can create customized quotes for any order, providing the perfect solution for any business. You will experience the difference that comes with a professional manufacturer, retailer and kiosk installation business.

The Key to a Successful Partnership

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Our recent successful project with the State of Arkansas made me stop to examine all the key milestones our company has experienced. Inevitably, we have shared most of them with really significant partners, whether it is our support services partner, ARS, our resellers in various countries or software partners that specialize in various fields, allowing us to provide our clients with customized software solutions.

Man and woman shaking hands isolated on a white background.Partnerships are certainly not easy, but somehow we’ve been lucky to have mostly positive, rewarding relationships with the companies we do business with. I think Theodore Roosevelt had the right idea, as partnerships must start with not only a common or shared interest, but you have to be able to get along, despite different viewpoints or opinions. Essentially, it’s about sharing the common goal of accomplishing the task at hand.

This is further explored in an article by Forbes Magazine, Top 3 Qualities of a Successful Business Partnership, contributed by Amanda Neville. She cited theses as:

1. Trust
Her first line on this – “This in non-negotiable. It also needs to be unreserved, unambiguous, and unequivocal.”
Basically, it just can’t be a case of lip service; the trust has to be meaningful enough that you trust your partner to make business decisions in your absence – decisions that you have no problem living with.

2. Compatible communication styles
This seems obvious, but might be overlooked and/or significant differences only realized when there are business meetings or negotiations with externals and one person’s communication style seems inappropriate in the setting.

3. Complementary skills
I would have placed this quality first, as it is the initial reason that most partnerships develop. Each has a skill that they believe can be brought together to achieve a specific outcome. If both partners bring the same skill to the relationship, then it is important that each knows the art of compromise.


She ends the article by stating “If you can look at your prospective partner, and check off all three of these criteria, you’re ahead of the game.”
I think Slabb has found the right formula and it plays an essential part in the success of our projects. Click here to learn more about our recent partnership with the State of Arkansas.