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How Kiosks Make Our Daily Lives Easier – Part 2

In our last blog post How Kiosks Make Our Daily Lives Easier – Part 1, we looked at some of the benefits of self-service kiosks, particularly:

  • Information Kiosks
  • Human Resource Kiosks
  • Retail Kiosks
  • Self-service Check In and Checkout Kiosks

Today, we will review some of the benefits of Printing Kiosks and Financial Kiosks.

Printing Kiosks
A printing kiosk is a self-service kiosk that is used with the sole purpose of receiving a printed product such as tickets, contracts or coupons. These kiosks are widely used in the travel industry as they can allow travelers to:

  • Purchase and print tickets or boarding passes
  • Find and print directions and/or coupons to tourist attractions
  • Print guides or information about activities and amenities for their vacation resorts
Kiosk Tax Office at an Airport

Kiosk Tax Office at an Airport

Another type of printing kiosk, that is not as well known, but often also used in the travel industry and elsewhere, is the contract kiosk. Contract kiosks are a great way to offer last minute travelers travel insurance. The units allow them to purchase and print insurance contracts right at the kiosk. These kiosks can also be used elsewhere including malls and other retail locations. Contract kiosks have also been provided as an option for the filing of taxes, and as with the insurance kiosks, can be found at several locations, including airports.

However, beyond the travel industry, self-service technology is being used as a convenient alternative for patrons and fans to purchase tickets to sporting events, concerts or the movies. They not only eliminate the need to stand in long lines, especially for popular events, but lower staffing and training costs for venue owners who may sometimes find it difficult to find staff for evening shifts. Ticketing kiosks, provide a useful crowd management strategy by creating multiple points of purchase.

X2 Coupon Kiosk

X2 Coupon Kiosk

Coupon kiosks provide a great way to reward loyal customers. They can be used solely to provide coupons or be customized as a loyalty kiosk providing loyalty card issuing and redemption services along with coupons. This allows operators to provide personalized coupons based on the cardholders’ shopping history. The coupons usually expire on the issue date which is an additional incentive to redeem them the same day. It’s a great way to provide savings for customers and encourage additional and future purchases.

Financial Kiosks

Financial Kiosks are probably the most widely used type of kiosk that enables the completion of transactions traditionally offered by financial institutions. These kiosk can be used to provide the following services:

  • Prepaid Credit/Debit Card Kiosks
  • Check Deposit Kiosks
  • Loan Kiosks
  • Bill Payment Kiosks
  • Donation Kiosks

Prepaid Credit/Debit Card Kiosks allow customers to purchase and activate debit or credit cards as well as add or top up funds on the card. It not only offers users an alternative to cash, but it provides a way for them to easily manage their funds, without the fear of overspending.

Transaction Kiosks typically provide banking services such as bill payment, check deposits, and loans.

Transaction 1Bill Payment Kiosks, as with most financial kiosks, allow any prominent service-based corporation such as banks, cable companies and even retail outlets to provide additional services to their clientele. Customers can pay their utility bills while shopping without standing in line and appreciate this fast and convenient method of making payments.  A bill payment kiosk can improve business through increased efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

Payday Loan Kiosks provide an automated, self-service option for processing loans, providing a convenient, quick and efficient way for users to access cash advances.

Check Deposit Kiosks allow users to deposit checks without the assistance of a teller or customer representative. It is convenient way to avoid the long lines at the bank.

Transaction kiosks are a great way to add value and enhance customer service while increasing revenue.

Donation Kiosk

Donation Kiosk

Donation Kiosks, also known as giving kiosks or charity kiosks, allow members of a church or group or the general public to donate or contribute to their communities or charitable causes. Some organizations also use the kiosks to enroll members, provide information about community events or sell merchandise including books, CDs and DVDs, t-shirts, etc.  A recent article, Churches Gain Attendees, Money When Internet Is A Sanctuary looked at the way Impact Church of Atlanta uses technology, including kiosks, to encourage donations to and participation at the church.


There are many benefits to implementing Printing or Financial kiosks to a business, as they provide:

  • Secure online access
  • An enhanced customer service experience including decreased waiting time and shorter lines
  • An effective advertising platform
  • Value-added services
  • A positive Return on Investment (ROI) due to the additional source of revenue generated

These are just a few of the benefits. We will conclude Part 3 of this blog with a look at some of the services that can be provided by Government Kiosks, Advertising kiosks and Interactive Signage.

10 Benefits of Donation Kiosks

Slabb's X6 Kiosk

Slabb’s X6 Kiosk

You may have heard them referred to as ‘Giving kiosks’ or even ‘Charity kiosks’ but whatever name they are given, they serve the same purpose – they provide a unique, secure and confidential way for members of a church or group to donate or contribute to their communities. Here are 10 benefits of implementing a donation kiosk in your community.


1. Ease of use
Donation kiosks are similar to ATMs and can provide an interactive element that makes them easy to use.




2. Convenience
Donation kiosks, depending on where they are located can be accessed at any time so donations are no longer limited to during a service or meeting. Members have the option of giving at any time that is convenient to them.




3. Cash is not the only option
There have been many occasions where I have opened my wallet to find just my credit and bank cards staring back at me, with not even a cent to put in the donation basket during a service. This is no longer a problem, as kiosks can be customized to accept multiple forms of payment including, credit and debit cards.




4. It’s always good to have alternatives
A kiosk can be just one of many donation alternatives that a church or group can provide for their members. It can complement the traditional method of collection of tithes during a service along with online methods of contributing or even via mobile payments. Having a variety of options increases the opportunities to give.




5. Thinking ‘outside the box’
A kiosk can contain many components that can facilitate multiple uses that go beyond the collection of donations. They can provide information about community events and other relevant topics and can be used to generate additional revenue through the sale of church merchandise including books, CDs and DVDs, t-shirts, etc.




6. Collects more than just donations
A kiosk can facilitate the registration of new members and updating of information for current members through personal membership log ins. This will allow members and church personnel to access reports that provide accurate data of the amounts donated and items purchased. Members can also register for events.




7. What’s in a name?
If you’re interested in getting your name out there, showcasing your brand would be a way of doing that. Kiosks provided an ideal opportunity for this and can be easily branded with the church or group logo and colors.




8. Provide and incentive for first time givers
Because of the convenience of a kiosk, the fact that donations can be given at a time when no one else is around thereby allowing the giver to maintain anonymity, this along with security of giving via the kiosk provides an incentive to give, especially for first time givers. Dr. Marty Baker of Stephen’s Creek Community Church in August, Georgia found that 27% of kiosk donations at his home church were first-time givers.




9. It creates a ‘giving trend’
It has been found that both kiosks and online donation options create a trend of giving, simply because they provide the option of scheduled donations that can be debited directly from the member’s account at a specific time.




10. Simple implementation
Most importantly, kiosks are simple to implement, are cost effective and have low transaction fees. Kiosk management is also very straightforward and data can be accessed from any computer through an administrative portal.




Slabb's X5 kiosk

Slabb’s X5 kiosk

The benefits of donation/giving kiosks are reflected in the fourth annual ‘State of the Plate’ survey which showed that “1,360 congregations revealed that 51 percent of churches saw giving increase in 2011, up from 43 percent in 2010 and 36 percent in 2009.” Author, speaker and founder of the “State of the Plate” research concluded that “A better economy, more Bible teaching on finances and generosity and a growing number of online giving options are helping many churches rebound financially.”