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  • Enhanced customer service
  • Effective advertising platform
  • Positive Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reduced hiring and training costs
  • Effective crowd management
  • Decreased waiting time


Ticket printing is becoming one of the more popular applications of self-service technology. Staffing a window gets expensive, especially after hours, and waiting in a long line is definitely not a great incentive to see a show or movie or attend an event. Ticket kiosks are most commonly located at cinemas, arenas or hotel lobbies, but can be used at any venue that uses tickets as a requirement for entry. The use of kiosks to create multiple points of purchase has been a sound crowd management strategy for years.

These kiosks, at their most basic, are designed to take money and give tickets. Components will usually include:

  • Cash transaction components
    • Cash acceptors and recyclers (change): both Bill and Coin
  • Debit and Credit Card readers
    • Magnetic stripe and Chip (EMV)
  • Printers
    • From 80mm Point-Of-Sales (POS) and kiosk thermal printers to laser printers
    • For printing of tickets and receipts
  • Data entry
    • Barcode readers (including QR, 1 and 2 D barcode readers)
    • Touchscreens
    • Keyboard and Trackball, in every layout or layout combination

These kiosks can also be used as a marketing tool with the use of our optional overhead screens which are ideal for displaying ads or company information. It provides a great opportunity to market to both current and potential customers.

Provide a convenient way for your customers to attend your event. Call us to find out more about our ticketing kiosks or request a quote.

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