SlabbKiosks O6 - Freestanding Outdoor Kiosk

The SlabbKiosks O6 kiosk is a rugged, vandal-resistant model that can easily withstand changing weather conditions as well as above-average usage in high traffic locations, making it ideal for public outdoor settings.

Its operating temperature range is -5°F (-20°C) to 140°F (+60°C), in dust, heavy rain or snow.

A 19" LCD display, with or without a touch screen and patented vandal-resistant locks are trademarks of this popular outdoor kiosk.

The SlabbKiosks O6 is mainly used as informational kiosk but can be customized to support a variety of applications. It is a great option that allows 24/7 access to company information, products or services by customers. The unit is commonly used at retail locations and is ideal for wayfinding applications, ticketing and payment transactions.

The SlabbKiosks O6 is fully customizable, with a variety of options to suit the needs of any organization or business.

What is an Outdoor Kiosk?

Outdoor kiosks are built to withstand the elements which may include harsh weather, climate changes or vandalism. They are usually designed within a watertight enclosure, with insulated inner walls and outfitted with robust materials.

The display screens on an outdoor kiosk should eliminate glare and other visual limitations that can be caused by direct sunlight, ensuring screen readability any time of the day.

These kiosks, as their name implies, are usually located outdoors and can provide 24/7 access to company information, products and services.

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