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  • 24/7 access
  • Convenient option for employees
  • Healthier food options, restocked daily
  • Increase employee productivity and time management


SlabbKiosks is the proud mutual exclusive hardware partner of Avanti Markets with over 50% of marketshare of all MicroMarkets. We are in continuing discussion to add new functionality (Bitcoins, Check Cashing) as well as keeping up with the latest requirements for financial transactions like EMV and KYC

Micro markets can be described as mini-convenient stores at your own office break room or lunch room. They are usually stocked with healthy and fresh options such as salads, sandwiches and juices, as well as the usual snacks like granola bars, chips, etc. They come in a variety of layouts including open shelving and coolers that are used to provide proper storage and easy access to food items.

They are equipped with self-checkout, unmanned kiosk systems that allow users to use their cash, credit or debit cards or in some cases, their phones to pay for the items they have selected from the market. It's one of the reasons micro markets have become so popular and an established feature of many offices.

We like to say that they offer a convenient 'twist' to the office lunch room, providing employees with a healthy option without the hassle of leaving the office. It is a great alternative that promotes a healthier and more productive workplace. Some employers also provide an added incentive by using loyalty cards that allow employees to get a discount on items when they make healthier purchases. Over the years, SlabbKiosks has worked with many micro market solution providers using customized kiosk hardware and software solutions.

Components for self-service kiosks usually include:

  • Cash transaction components
    • Cash acceptors and recyclers (change): both Bill and Coin
  • Debit and Credit Card readers
    • Magnetic stripe and Chip (EMV)
  • Printers
    • From 80mm Point-Of-Sales (POS) and kiosk thermal printers to laser printers
    • Receipts or vouchers
  • Data entry
    • Imagers for IDs, Checks, Barcodes(including QR, 1 and 2 D barcodes from merchandise and smartphones)
    • Touchscreens
    • Keyboard and Trackball, in every layout or layout combination

SlabbKiosks recommends micro market solutions from Avanti Markets.


  • Micro markets tend to attract 18% more visits per day with an average of 1.2 sales per day per visit, as compared with 0.7 sales in a vending area. This figure may be higher in some environments.
  • The inventory management system is usually web-based, making inventory evaluation much easier, ensuring fresh inventory and up-to-date regulatory practices.
  • Customized units can be created to fit different locations which is a major selling point, especially when there are space limitations.
  • It allows operators to focus on providing an enhanced customer experience with enticing layouts and products that will ultimately increase profits, including the strategic placement of add-on purchase items near to the check-out kiosks.
  • There is less maintenance and downtime of machines and the kiosks provide an easier transaction process especially for multiple items.
  • There is also some pricing flexibility allowing operators to collect sales tax on items purchased unlike a traditional vending machine.
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