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  • Secure job application process
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Increased staff productivity, morale and satisfaction
  • Effective management of employee data
  • Legal compliance to HR regulations


Human Resource departments require precise processes and systems to ensure effective management of employees and their data. It is therefore important for organizations to provide an efficient service that will allow employees to access, update and request information through the easiest means possible. Slabb�s Human Resource Kiosks will allow your organization to offer secure, guided and self-service access to HR services.

These kiosks allow companies to comply with employment laws by providing access to insurance information, HR guidelines, as well as other services and inform workers of their individual benefits and rights.

Typically, organizations should install one kiosk for every 50 to 100 employees. However, kiosk requirements for each organization will vary depending on the following:

  • The work environment:
    • An office environment would usually require 1 kiosk for every 75 to 100 employees
    • A shop floor would need 1 kiosk for every 30 to 50 employees
  • The number of services offered on the kiosk:
    • The more services to be accessed increases the usage of the kiosk
  • The guidelines for kiosk use:
    • Whether use is mandatory when requesting certain types of HR information or if employees have the option of not using the kiosk and can contact HR directly instead

Most companies opt to make certain services available only through the kiosk, including:

  • Leave applications
  • Benefits applications
  • Stationery and equipment requests
  • Service requests (non-urgent)
  • General information about the company or unions
  • Information required by law (related to safety, insurance, taxes)
  • Salary inquiries

Human Resource kiosks can also be used as an alternative way for job seekers to apply for vacancies.

These kiosks can also be used to provide company information or current events with the use of our optional overhead screens

Make applying for job openings at your company a lot easier. Call us to find out more about our human resource kiosks or request a quote.

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