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SlabbKiosks is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of cost-effective, interactive kiosks. We have installed and customized tens of thousands of interactive kiosks for hundreeds of clients in over 20 countries.

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering the higheste quality and for the best price. We utilize high quality, high volume commodity components for high availability and longevity with kiosk designs that facilitate quick and efficient maintenance of our units.

Our production, integrations and testing facilities are located in the USA, China and Taiwan, allowing us to design, customize and deliver ADA-compliant kiosks within a 4-6 week lead time - one of the shortest in the industry.

We do not charge a design or NRE fee, while recognizing that every project requries a customized, and/or special design.


The hardware for our kiosks can range from a simple metal enclosure with a touch screen monitor and personal computer (PC) inside, to a more complex design with additional hardware components such as cash payment devices, card readers, printers, telephone handsets, ruggedized keyboards and pointing devices as well as other specialized peripherals.

We have experience with of hundredds of components, while we accept any customer consigned component as well.

After your order is placed, we manufacture the kiosk hardware to your specifications, equip it with the peripherals you select, finish it based on your branding requirements. We have facilities to load your software on the kiosk and test it using your scripts. In this way we can deliver a tru;y "plug-and-play" ready kiosk to your (customer's) doorstep.


Depending on the functionality you require, there may be standard/'off-the-shelf' kiosk software available. Learn more about the kiosk software we provide.

Post Production

We provide services such as kiosk site acquisition, kiosk installation, and on-site service and maintenance. Learn more about our installation, maintenance and consulting services.

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